I loooove Corbin Fisher!

"Hi, I'm adores_draco and I'm addicted to gay porn."

If you ever feel like seeing pretty and/or handsome young men doing nice things to each other I suggest you try Corbin Fisher.  Those boys are gorgeous!

I haven't been there for a while so I cannot remember what they charged for watching them. But I assure you it was totally worth it.

My favourite one was Travis. He's so cute (he blushes!) and he's a wonderful bottom. *sigh*


 I read somewhere that the models (can I call them models?) are treated and paid really well so they're not victims of the porn industry like unfortunately many people are.

If recommending and linking the page here is against some rules I apologize and will remove this post. I just thought my fellow perverts would like to see some beautiful men and hot action.
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No-one wanted to see/comment the porn pics... *is sad*

I carefully chose and then posted some lovely porn pictures here yesterday under a NWS link but no-one wanted to see them or at least no-one commented them. These were even some rimming pictures.

Am I not surrounded by perverts like I thought? Am I really the only one? Has my porn expired or something?

Sad, sad day... *headshake*
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