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Ding Dong the Witch is Gone? Yay!

I used to visit the lovely world of slash quite often until something rather nasty happened.

The problem was that one of my favourite writers had a pretty ghastly "friend". All the posts by that aggressive person were filled with hate and bigotry. I did find some of the posts interesting so I was foolish enough to try communicating with that person. The response was - to be put mildly - damn scary. That person and several other haters told me I was wrong. Sorry, WRONG!!!!!!

The funny thing was that the Very Scary Person threatened to ban me when I suggested in a private message that they might try to live and love a little instead of hating so many things. My fault naturally. Why on earth did I have to interfere? Stupid, stupid, stupid... I just thought that living like that cannot be healthy. Scientific researches prove that people who are filled with hate tend to get heart problems among other health issues. I never ever meant to ridicule the serious topics that were discussed.

I love debating but whenever I gave it a try I was viciously attacked. It was just not worth it. Very few things in life are black and white. Most areas are gray. They might be different shades of gray but they're still gray.

So I decided to find other forums with (hopefully) more stable company. I did! I admit it was foolish of me to let one rude person ruin this place for me but that's what happened. Now it seems that the coast is finally clear so I might be seen here more often. Maybe. :)
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