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An utterly stupid question

There was a guessing poll at the hd_career_fair. Quite a few of you recognised for instance fics by blamebrampton and treacle_tartlet. How did you do that? What "signs" do you look for? Do they favour certain kind of plots, often use certain words or sayings or something like that?

They're both excellent writers so I just don't believe they're repeating themselves over and over again. I read, loved and reviewed their career_fair fics but I had absolutely no idea who wrote those fics.

I think it's so much easier to recognise what heathen_arcade, naadi or red_rahl have drawn.

(There was a writer who's work I was able to recognise because she used a lot of "Harlequin style" details. Some details are perfectly fine but a list tends to be more or less amusing. In my opinion everything shouldn’t be covered in gold, silk and/or diamonds. Naturally I could be wrong and shiny is the new black.)

I tried to guess some writers and failed miserably. It's SO NOT my fault that some new writers write so well that I thought I was dealing with some writers who have written H/D for years. *mumbles* I knew just one writer for sure - and forgot to add her name to the guessing poll... I'd say I knew the fic “Heavenly Bodies” was written by leo_draconis, because I've read so many fics written by her.

Reveal your secrets, please. I feel like a total ignoramus here. I've always read a lot - actually a LOT - and I read a lot of H/D so I feel that I should know who wrote what.

I had to google my title "An utterly stupid question" because I wasn't quite sure about the word "utterly". The first result I found was "Do Bats Have Bollocks?". *sniggers* It seems to be a book so I don't know that answer either. Hee!
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