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Happy Birthday, alaana_fair! :)

I thought about presents and flowers but you can never have too much porn. *nods*

He would be a fine bottom, wouldn't he?

Glorious holes or whatchamacallit. ;)

Some hand on (a fantastic!) arse activity.

Another arse. Now where did that come from?

There has to be a beach. Always. *nods solemnly*

Ready. Steady. Action!

Another arse. Who saw that coming?
They might see each other coming, methinks.

Some rolling in the hay.

Thank you, officer!

He (always) comes clean.

Yes, yes, yes!

Oh, yes!

A coffee break.

The look!

Green is the new - well - green. *nods*


You say there was a car in the picture?

Some nice outdoor activities.

There just has to be a kilt present.

Another "awwwwww" moment.

Rimming is a must.

Some kissin. Aren't they cuuute? :)

In the army now

Some leather-in-action

Obviously H/D!

A delicious birthday cake for you, dear Alaana! :)

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