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Britpicker's: tea or dinner?

I read an amazing and really beautiful fic The Homestead at hd_career_fair and started to wonder about something quite irrelevant. Harry goes to visit Draco early in the evening and Draco tells him he has just finished making tea. In this case tea means pasta with Bolognese sauce. Wouldn't aristocratic Draco eat dinner instead of tea? Or does his occupation as a nurse affect somehow?

I was under the impression that lower class people in Britain eat dinner around noon and tea early in the evening. Upper class eat lunch around noon, dinner in the evening and sometimes afternoon tea at four or five o'clock. Supper is served really late in the evening.

I tried to google the answer but I'm still not sure:

Is there a simple rule? Do these sortings matter any more in modern Britain?
Does it matter more who I ask and when? Or do you plan to get me even more confused? :)

Please read the wonderful fic and other great fics at hd_career_fair!

The Homestead:
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