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I'm looking for a rather old fic. I know it was written by two excellent authors. I think the boys were friends, trying to be something more. The fic was published in LJ. (I have written a review - or perhaps two of them - on the fic.) A really vague description... Sorry. Any ideas?

Please guys, just a second of your attention (you'll love it!)

Originally posted by germanjj at Please guys, just a second of your attention (you'll love it!)
Dear SPN-Fandom, dear fandoms all over the world,

in the last few hours, something amazing happened, the very reason why internet and fandom is so important.
A fellow fan is in trouble. She has Endometriosis, and basically is going to die if she canet get a surgery. But she has no insurance, which means, no money.
After only a few hours, over on tumblr and spreading to all the other social media sites, her friends collected about 8k already (they're aiming for 30k). My dash is exploding with messages from ALL fandoms, everyone donating 5$ or 10$ or whatever they can afford. Everyone is boosting the signal, offering to write, to draw, to do whatever they can to help.
Please do it too. Whether just spreading the word und donating some money. Let's unite our fandoms and help a girl to survive!

This is what I wrote this morning on my facebook page. By now, the magic didn't vanish, but spread even wider. Our very own Kim Rhodes got in contact with her to tell her about her doctor who treatet her for the same desease. Random Acts is spreading the word and our lovely cast on twitter is retweeting like crazy. Sashi is now up to 21k.

Please, spread the word, my dear flist, and help in any way you can! Thank you!!

here's the tumblr site for the donations: Because we're a family
here's Sashi's tumblr site: Sashi's tumblr
here's the facebook page: Donate for Sashi

you know, even if you don't have money right now or not many people to reblog this to, go take a look at those sites. You're gonna be OVERWHELMED with the amount of love that unites all our fandoms, and our SPN fandom especially! I can promise you I cried and laughed and was reminded all over again, that Family Don't End With Blood.

Help, please!

Someone had commented my "A cute and hilarious" fic post.

The rather suspicious comment was partly in Russian (sorry but Russia seems to be the promised land of scams) and there were four more comments under the strange post.

I deleted the strange post but I don't know how to delete the four comments related to it. Clicking them open doesn't seem like a very good idea. I tried to google but couldn't find any advice.

How can I rermove the remaining four comments? Help, please!
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Ding Dong the Witch is Gone? Yay!

I used to visit the lovely world of slash quite often until something rather nasty happened.

The problem was that one of my favourite writers had a pretty ghastly "friend". All the posts by that aggressive person were filled with hate and bigotry. I did find some of the posts interesting so I was foolish enough to try communicating with that person. The response was - to be put mildly - damn scary. That person and several other haters told me I was wrong. Sorry, WRONG!!!!!!

The funny thing was that the Very Scary Person threatened to ban me when I suggested in a private message that they might try to live and love a little instead of hating so many things. My fault naturally. Why on earth did I have to interfere? Stupid, stupid, stupid... I just thought that living like that cannot be healthy. Scientific researches prove that people who are filled with hate tend to get heart problems among other health issues. I never ever meant to ridicule the serious topics that were discussed.

I love debating but whenever I gave it a try I was viciously attacked. It was just not worth it. Very few things in life are black and white. Most areas are gray. They might be different shades of gray but they're still gray.

So I decided to find other forums with (hopefully) more stable company. I did! I admit it was foolish of me to let one rude person ruin this place for me but that's what happened. Now it seems that the coast is finally clear so I might be seen here more often. Maybe. :)
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It's not you, it's me

Dear "Potter porn" friends

Thank you for the lovely virtual gifts some of you sent me before Christmas. That was last week, wasn't it? *blush* I'm so sorry I haven't commented earlier. I did appreciate them.

I haven't been around lately like I used to. Actually I doubt that you've noticed that because I don't write po-, I mean fics. :)) I just leave comments and sometimes review.

This is just to let you know that I haven't left this enchanting world entirely. I've just been busy/ill/lazy/tired/otherwise occupied etc. lately.

Wishing you all a nice day. :)


Another utterly stupid question

People usually write because they have something to say but I suppose many people write to get feedback. My question is: why don't writers react to the feedback they get?

I do understand that real life is - or at least should be - more important. Kids to take to school, husbands to feed, relatives to call, friends to meet, cakes to bake, laundry to tackle, dogs to walk, museums to visit etc. Many of us might even work and/or sleep. If a writer is really productive, posts daily and gets a lot of feedback it's quite natural that it's (at least almost) impossible to answer all reviews.

But if a writer posts something let's say once a month or takes part in something like the hd_career_fair, gets some but not too many (whatever that is) reviews and doesn't even thank for them what does it tell?

Is it time for the RL card again? Or are those people just being impolite? That would be hard to believe in most cases because their other posts give the impression that those people are kind, nice and considerate. Or is the next fic taking so much time and energy that thanking for reviews is just too much?

I've always been my own worst enemy and I hate pretty much everything I write. Could that be the reason why writers don't comment? They have written the fic that was lurking in their minds, posted it feeling that everyone will hate the story and laugh at it and them. So they don't read the reviews at all? Ever?

Just wondering.

An utterly stupid question

There was a guessing poll at the hd_career_fair. Quite a few of you recognised for instance fics by blamebrampton and treacle_tartlet. How did you do that? What "signs" do you look for? Do they favour certain kind of plots, often use certain words or sayings or something like that?

They're both excellent writers so I just don't believe they're repeating themselves over and over again. I read, loved and reviewed their career_fair fics but I had absolutely no idea who wrote those fics.

I think it's so much easier to recognise what heathen_arcade, naadi or red_rahl have drawn.

(There was a writer who's work I was able to recognise because she used a lot of "Harlequin style" details. Some details are perfectly fine but a list tends to be more or less amusing. In my opinion everything shouldn’t be covered in gold, silk and/or diamonds. Naturally I could be wrong and shiny is the new black.)

I tried to guess some writers and failed miserably. It's SO NOT my fault that some new writers write so well that I thought I was dealing with some writers who have written H/D for years. *mumbles* I knew just one writer for sure - and forgot to add her name to the guessing poll... I'd say I knew the fic “Heavenly Bodies” was written by leo_draconis, because I've read so many fics written by her.

Reveal your secrets, please. I feel like a total ignoramus here. I've always read a lot - actually a LOT - and I read a lot of H/D so I feel that I should know who wrote what.

I had to google my title "An utterly stupid question" because I wasn't quite sure about the word "utterly". The first result I found was "Do Bats Have Bollocks?". *sniggers* It seems to be a book so I don't know that answer either. Hee!